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Bassetlaw MP challenges Government on fracking

On Monday John Mann MP challenged the Government on its controversial fracking plans during a debate in Parliament.

The Bassetlaw MP raised concerns over how water aquifers in Bassetlaw could be affected by fracking and proposed that if local people do not want fracking in their locality they should be able to block it.

Mann commented: “I am arguing that there should be no fracking within two kilometres of any settlement.”

“We also have a particular issue that has to be addressed in the Bassetlaw area: our water comes from the local aquifer.”

“Even the industry have identified this as a problem, pointing to the regulations, safety and its competence in how they have dealt with this elsewhere. We do not want the Bassetlaw aquifer damaged in any way and we need absolute confirmation and commitment that this will not and cannot happen.”

“If local Bassetlaw communities say that they do not want fracking on a particular site they should have the right to make that decision.”

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