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Child Abuse contemporary motion to Conference

Below in full is the Contemporary Motion on Child Abuse submitted to Labour Party Conference this year. 

Child Abuse


Conference recognises that the ongoing exposure of historic child abuse is creating huge issues for individuals, families and communities across the country and thanks those who have had the courage to speak out.


The Labour Party believes that the level of child exploitation and abuse is far greater than current revelations and notes the difficulty in prosecuting cases that can be decades old.


Nevertheless this Conference recognises the vital necessity for truth and justice to prevail.


Conference believes that the repeated failure to act, including where children spoke out and when adults raised historic issues, is a stain on our country, but also recognises that this is an issue throughout the world. Conference endorses the principle of a criminal liability for those in authority informed of child abuse who fail to act on this evidence.


Conference notes that there are no statutory guidelines for collaborative working by the police and other agencies to investigate organised abuse of children.


Conference further notes that in the run up to the Goddard inquiry and elsewhere the voice of survivors is too often ignored and dismissed.


Conference resolves to put the voice of survivors at the forefront of the campaign to eradicating ongoing child abuse and exploitation and to make more legal support available to ‘whistleblowers’ who are often made to suffer greatly for their attempts to hold those responsible to account. Conference further resolves to campaign for the introduction of statutory guidance for joint working by the police and other relevant agencies.


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