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Comments on Naz Shah apology allegations

Commenting on allegations that a senior Labour party source weakened and delayed Naz Shah’s apology, John Mann MP said:


“If true, this behaviour is outrageous. I have written to the General Secretary and the Leader's office demanding a full investigation. I have called for the person responsible to be sacked immediately should the allegations be proven.” 

“Whilst Naz Shah’s suspension is appropriate, she has already accepted culpability for what she has done. Jeremy Corbyn needs to take personal responsibility. He must either expel her as John McDonnell recommended in such cases or take our preferred option and ensure she attend a mandatory education programme with the Jewish community which should include a visit to Yad Vashem and Sderot”.


“Naz Shah’s initial unredacted statement, in particular her comments that “we on the left must stop procrastinating and tackle oppression within our own ranks, especially anti-Jewish oppression,” are appropriate and welcome.”


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