Have You Been Caught Out By Farmers Branch Speed Camera

This video shows that there are no signs on Farmers Branch to notify drivers of the change in speed limit. How are people supposed to know?

The debacle over the speeding fines people have been given on Farmers Branch has developed further. I have been contacted over a hundred residents who have been issued with speeding penalty notices on Farmers Branch by Nottinghamshire Police over recent months.

I submitted a Freedom of Information request to find out whether Farmers Branch fitted those criteria. Remarkably, it revealed that there have been no accidents there whatsoever for three years. Considering that there are no accidents alongside no on street warnings of a speed reduction, the recent action of the police on Farmers Branch brings the question of tackling road safety into public disrepute.

Clearly the focus has not been on reducing accidents and whilst there are many roads where speed cameras would be very welcome – making money from drivers who are not aware of the speed limit changes is unacceptable. I am continuing to campaign on behalf of those who I believe have been unfairly penalised by the police. If anyone has been similarly affected please call my office on 01909 506200 or email me at mannj@parliament.uk




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