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John Mann MP launches campaign against ‘melanoma’ skin cancer


John Mann MP has launched a campaign against skin cancer in Bassetlaw after it emerged that the area has the highest number of people suffering from ‘melanoma’ in the country.


Melanoma is the UK's fifth most common cancer with rates increasing more rapidly than any of the current ten most common cancers for both men and women.


The Bassetlaw MP commented: “It is of huge concern that so many people in Bassetlaw suffer from this type of skin cancer and it’s important that patients are aware of the dangers of melanoma and for patients who receive an advanced diagnosis to be able to access a number of treatments available."


“I will be working with the charity Melanoma UK to raise awareness of this cancer in Bassetlaw and supporting their work to ensure appropriate treatments are available on the NHS.”


“Anyone who sees any sign of skin changes such as bleeding moles should play it safe and immediately make an appointment to see their GP. The NHS website has further advice on symptoms and treatment.”


Gillian Nuttall, founder of Melanoma UK commented: "I am delighted that John Mann MP has launched a campaign to raise more awareness of melanoma in Bassetlaw.  Treated early, melanoma is one of the most curable cancers; left late, it is one of the most deadly.”


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