John Mann MP PMQ

John Mann MP PMQ - 3rd February 2016

"Is that it? Is that the best the Prime Minister can do?"

"Nothing for British pensioners. Nothing for British workers."

"And as the OBR and Treasury have confirmed, his long term economic plan is reliant on over a million new migrants entering the UK for work by 2020."

"Has he got the bottle to confirm this inconvenient truth?"



Autumn Statement Blue Book. Page 136 

Labour Market statistics

Labour Market

                                                         2014  2015  2016  2017  2018  2019  2020

Employment (millions)                  30.7   31.1    31.5   31.7  31.9   32.0   32.2   

Claimant count (millions)              1.04   0.80    0.77   0.82  0.86  0.87    0.88


Treasury Select Committee 21st July 2015

John Mann: It is the money that I was worried about. Let me turn to immigration. Your tax receipts and your deficit reduction plan are predicated on a net inward migration of an extra 1,020,000 people into this country during this Parliament. Where are those 1,020,000 additional people going to be living?


Mr Osborne: The OBR make use of the Office for National Statistics projections on immigration and changed the forecasts they used in the March Budget. They have not changed it in this Budget. What we want to see is managed migration. We want to have people come to this country who are talented, who want to study and the like, but we want to make sure that we have the incentives right, we have controls on the numbers, and for those coming from the European Union make sure that they don’t receive immediate benefits like tax credits and that is why we are renegotiating—


Q185   John Mann: Chancellor, with respect, you are not answering the question. Your tax receipts and your budget deficit plan is predicated on an extra 1,020,000 new people in this country and I am merely asking: where are they going to live?


Mr Osborne: I am pointing out that what you call the predication is in fact the Office for National Statistics and I do not think it is any surprise to this Committee that this Government has made it very clear, and the Prime Minister has made it very clear, that we want to reduce net migration to the tens of thousands. We can do that a number of different ways, all of which we are deploying at the moment. Ultimately what we want to see is people in this country with the right skills to take these jobs, which is why we are reforming education, making sure we have an apprenticeship levy, and investing in higher education as per my previous answers.


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