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Letter and response from the Prime Minister regarding the Dickens File`

On 5th November 2015 I wrote to the Prime Minister regarding the second Geoffrey Dickens file.

I have published the Prime Minister's response to my letter below along with the text of my original letter. 








Rt Hon David Cameron MP

Prime Minister

10 Downing Street



5th November 2015

Dear Prime Minister,


I enclose a copy of the second Geoffrey Dickens file given to Mr Dickens on 18 January 1984 and which Mr Dickens then handed to Home Secretary Leon Brittan for investigation.

I am unaware of the content of the discussion between Dickens and Brittan, but Mr Dickens was aware of other additional information following his January meeting.


The same information and other documents were also subsequently handed over to Ian Gow, I believe in his capacity as a Conservative vice chairman, by a Conservative Central office official.


You will note the annotated note about Central Office on the document given to Geoffrey Dickens.


I have redacted just the name of the individual who provided me with this document and showed me various others, but the Metropolitan Police have an un-redacted copy (Operation Midland) and have been briefed on some of the background. My source has agreed to meet the police and co-operate in every possible way.

Operation Midland are aware of the identity of the then Conservative Central Office official.


Whilst the motivations behind the creation of this document and various and many others was a battle within the Conservatives, particularly involving splits within the Monday Club and the attempt by the Young Monday Club to take over the youth and student structures of the Conservative Party, and whilst observing that some of the issues raised are neither illegal, nor in mine or most people’s eyes not immoral or improper, you will also note that there are direct allegations about the abuse of children and there are separate documents allegation major sexual violence.


The file itself contains allegations of a paedophile ring and specifically identifies Conservative residential training centre Swinton College as a location involved.


I have no idea about the accuracy of the allegations or their veracity. However your Government’s response to my adjournment debate was dismissive and insubstantial.


It is vital to know what happened to this and the earlier Dickens file. Where did they disappear to? Why can I get a copy when you cannot?  What happened to the documents handed to the Party vice chairman by a Central Office Official?


Figures from every part of the political spectrum were involved in matters that require police investigations, including from my Party.


These are major issues that require the reconvening of the Wanless inquiry as one matter of urgency.


Yours sincerely,



John Mann MP

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