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Local Campaign Against Tax Credit Cuts


John Mann  is questioning the logic of forcing the poorest of our society into debt in order to help pay off the national debt because this will be the long term effect of the cuts that the Chancellor of the Exchequer is planning to make to the tax credits allowance. 

Studies by both the IFS and OBR show that the lowest earners in our economy will lose in many cases up to £1,340 a year and in return take home only an extra £90 a year in increased pay following the introduction of the proposed National Living Wage.  Additionally, self-employed people will not receive the National Living Wage and the tax credit cut will slice into their basic income.

There are 8,200 families receiving tax credits in Bassetlaw, of which 6,300 families are in work and receive tax credits to help make up for the short fall in their incomes. These are not “shirkers”, or “skivers” or the people the Chancellor would like to make out don’t do their bit. They are low paid workers doing vital jobs like cooking, cleaning and caring.

John Mann commented “For many people this is a huge part of their annual income and it’s money.  The Tax Credit cuts will lead to households having to make very tough choices when it comes to how to provide for their families”.

“There are 13,600 children in households in Bassetlaw whose parents receive tax credits, and they shouldn’t be forced to go without because the Chancellor wants to find an extra £12 billion in savings”.

 John Mann’s wants Bassetlaw people to join him in his opposition to the proposed Tax Credit cuts and has today launched a petition.  Please click on the link to download the petition for you and your friends and colleagues to sign: No_To_Tax_Credit_Cuts_Petition.pdf

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