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MP demands inquiry into HMRC cuts

Treasury Select Committee Member John Mann MP has called on the Committee to hold an inquiry into the decision by HMRC to close its 137 individual tax offices and replace them with 7 regional centres.

The plan to close the offices were announced today but were not mentioned by the Chief Executive of HMRC Lin Homer when she appeared before the Treasury Committee on Tuesday morning.


John Mann MP said “Lin Homer has announced this massive restructuring during a Parliamentary recess and not in front of the Parliamentary Committee that she is legally answerable too.”


Mann continued “This has been done in a sneaky and underhand manner which doesn’t bode well for future changes during her tenure. Lin Homer failed to even mention this when she gave evidence this week.”


“The Treasury Committee must hold an inquiry into this decision. At a time when the service provided by HMRC to taxpayers is substandard, how will closing these offices have anything other than a detrimental impact on the quality of service provided?”

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