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Official Response on Farmers Branch

The official response to my questions on the speed cameras at Farmers Branch has arrived - please see below for the full answers. It confirms that mobile speed cameras are not being used to reduce accidents. 

1. The Council has not complied with National Guidelines in relation to speed cameras which state that at least 3 people must be killed or seriously injured per kilometre within a 36 month period before a camera can be used on this stretch of road. The Council states that there have been zero accidents in the previous 3 years on Farmers Branch.

The 30mph speed limit on Farmers Branch was not introduced as a casualty reduction scheme. The limit was lowered to provide a consistent speed limit message to the travelling public, delivered as part of a wider scheme on Kilton Hill/Blyth Road. The criteria stated above relates to fixed camera enforcement not mobile camera enforcement.

2. The Council has not been consistent in its approach to putting up information signs to inform drivers that a speed limit has reduced from 40mph to 30mph. They have not erected such signs on Farmers Branch but such signs have been visibly displayed on other roads across the County.

Thank you for your comments which have been noted. It has been agreed that future schemes, (where new 30mph speed limits are implemented), will include temporary signage. As stated in the previous response of 22 December, it is not the policy of the County Council to erect these on every scheme. Please note that the appropriate signing, as stated in the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 TSRGD ‘NEW 30MPH SPEED LIMIT IN FORCE’ to inform motorists of the change, is a temporary sign and is used for a six month period after the day in which the new speed limit came into force. The sign must be located as near as is practicable to the point where the original speed limit ended (therefore where the previous speed limit terminals were removed).

3. The Notts Roads Safety Partnership have deployed cameras with the full knowledge therefore that drivers are unaware of the change.

This query has been referred to Nottinghamshire Police who will be responding to you directly.


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