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Speeding Fines on Farmers Branch

Bassetlaw MP, John Mann has received calls from local residents over the past few weeks over speeding tickets they have been issued whilst driving along Farmers Branch, off Thievesdale Lane.

This has recently been reduced from a 40 mph limit to a 30 mph and there are no signs on Farmers Branch warning drivers of the change.  People who have driven this way for years are unconscious of the change and have been clocked driving above the new 30 mph and are now receiving prosecution notices.

John Mann has received a letter from Notts police saying “Whilst there are no signs on the actual stretch of road that has had the speed limit reduced, there is a sign indicating the speed limit on the B6041 Blyth Road. As per the Highway Code, that is the speed limit unless otherwise directed.”

John Mann commented “people are telling me they have no problems with the speed limit being reduced but what they are concerned about is that there are no signs indicating the change and a speed camera is being used to catch people out.”

“It astounds me that there are no speed signs on Farmer Branch. A speed sign on a neighbouring road is simply not good enough.”

“Elsewhere in Bassetlaw there is much more comprehensive signage when the limit changes and they have stayed up for years.  Why is Farmers Branch being treated differently?”

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