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Statement on Operation Midland

I am not at all surprised that Operation Midland has been closed down.


I have never discussed matters with the witness ‘Nick’ who was making the allegations and I did not send evidence to the Midland investigation.


I had one meeting, last autumn, at Midland’s request where I provided them with a new source of related allegations that impacts on several enquiries, including North Wales.


I trust that these files are shared with other ongoing investigations, it is essential that they are.


Mr Harvey Proctor, as well as misquoting me today, has claimed that there was no Westminster or VIP ring. As he has had no involvement with it, by definition, how can he possibly know this? His uninformed speculation is unhelpful.


My evidence on related issues has been given to the Lambeth investigation and I have also provided information to Leicestershire police and precise allegations to Nottinghamshire and other police forces.


The only apology due is from those who deny that there is a problem with child abuse.


Where I do agree with Mr Proctor, is that it is, and was, in my view inappropriate to name him or others without charges being laid.


My experience is best summed up by a man who flew from Canada to see me. In a twenty minute meeting, he sobbed uncontrollably, as he explained when, by whom and how he was sexually assaulted in his children’s home. For various reasons, as he and I both immediately knew, there was no possibility of a prosecution. He had not visited my constituency in thirty years and he will never do so again. But he wanted to add his encouragement to those fighting for justice on child abuse.


Will I be apologising as Proctor asks: No. Will I be relenting on campaigning on child abuse: No.


Everything I have said on the issue is on offer to Justice Goddard and her Inquiry and I hope that Mr Proctor takes the opportunity to make his own submission.



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