Worksop Guardian: 21 Nov 2014

I am shocked that a Worksop GP surgery is one of those that the Care Quality Commission has identified as possibly putting patients at risk. People deserve the very best treatment whichever surgery they use and there needs to be an urgent response. I have arranged to meet with local health leaders and will ask them to investigate this report as a priority and address all the concerns that have been identified.

It is extraordinary that the police can find the resources to have a speed camera on Farmers Branch when nobody can find the money to put up speed signs. Apparently the speed limit has changed from a 40 mph limit to 30 mph. I was not informed and clearly few others were. Extraordinarily, no speed signs have been put up at all, so how is anyone meant to know? I have no problem with the speed limit coming down, but there should be signs so that the public knows and I can think of dozens of more dangerous roads were speed patrols would be a much higher priority. I trust that this sneaky way of catching motorists out will not be repeated and that welcome reductions in speed limits are blazed all over so that motorists can get the message – its fairness that people are asking for. I am working with an increasing number of local people who believe they have been caught out unfairly. If you think that you have been affected please contact my office on 01909 506200.

The Worksop based group called ‘Joel – the complete package’ is now meeting on the first Thursday of each month at the Balmoral Community Centre in Worksop from 2pm until 4pm starting on 4th December. The group supports families who have experienced the loss of a baby and are thinking of trying again, are pregnant, or have another child. Everyone is made to feel very welcome with a workshop including guest speakers, craft tables, tea and cake. Please do go along if you think you might benefit from the group.

The fate of endangered animals has become an internationally important issue. There has been a huge increase in poaching which is wiping out elephants and rhinos. Together with the destruction of natural environments this means that there could quite foreseeably be no rhinos or elephants left in under a decade. I am already in discussions with wildlife charities to develop a plan to create a new group after the next election which will bring together MPs from all the political parties to push for major changes in protecting animals both at home and abroad. On this issue I will be asking MPs to put party politics aside and work to ensure that rhinos and elephants do not go the same way as the dodo.



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