Worksop Guardian: 9 January 2015

The debacle over the speeding fines people have been given on Farmers Branch has developed further. I have been contacted over a hundred residents who have been issued with speeding penalty notices on Farmers Branch by Nottinghamshire Police over recent months.

I submitted a Freedom of Information request to find out whether Farmers Branch fitted those criteria. Remarkably, it revealed that there have been no accidents there whatsoever for three years. Considering that there are no accidents alongside no on street warnings of a speed reduction, the recent action of the police on Farmers Branch brings the question of tackling road safety into public disrepute.

Clearly the focus has not been on reducing accidents and whilst there are many roads where speed cameras would be very welcome – making money from drivers who are not aware of the speed limit changes is unacceptable. I am continuing to campaign on behalf of those who I believe have been unfairly penalised by the police. If anyone has been similarly affected please call my office on 01909 506200.

I am determined to increase the opportunities school children in Bassetlaw have to experience top flight sport and over the Christmas period I was able to take pupils from Langold Dyscarr Primary School to Anfield to watch Liverpool take on Swansea. They were invited as guests of the club’s main sponsor Standard Chartered and they received the club’s finest hospitality with a pre-match meal, half-time drinks and post-match pie. Liverpool also kindly provided each child with a gift bag. This is third time that Standard Chartered Bank and its Chairman Sir John Peace have invited me to bring school children from Bassetlaw to Anfield and it is thanks to people like them that I can do trips like this. I would also like to thank County Councillor Shelia Place who kindly paid for the coach which took everyone to the game. I already have plans to open up further opportunities for young people in Bassetlaw and ensure that other schools also get chance to take part.

The front pages of national newspapers this week have been dominated by the ‘crisis in the NHS.’ Bassetlaw A&E has been under pressure as well and we all know how hard nurses and doctors work, particularly during the winter months. Unfortunately they are put in a difficult position by a lack of funding and the steady splitting-up of health services. The NHS is and will always be an absolute priority for me as Bassetlaw’s MP and I will continue to campaign against a health policy which is clearly not working for patients or NHS workers. It is completely unacceptable that in a country as rich as ours patients are struggling to be seen by a health professional.

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