Beard Balm vs Beard Oil

Beard Balm vs Beard Oil: What is the Difference?

There is a wide range of beard products on the market today. Therefore, it is not easy to decide which product your beard needs. There are two common types of grooming products, including beard oil and beard balm. Both of these products serve a purpose.

In this post, we will let you know. Keep reading this article to get some of the main differences between beard balm and beard oil.

Beard Balm Vs. Beard Oil

In this article, we will focus on the two main differences between beard balm and beard oil. They include ingredients and purposes.

The Ingredients

They are different in appearance. It is easy to see this difference when looking at them. Beard oil is available in liquid form. Its bottle comes with eyedroppers that allow you to control the amount of the oils whenever you use them.

Beard balm is a thicker solid. It is available in an open container. Therefore, you can easily choose the amount of product you need to use with your fingertips. The beard balm contains beeswax since it is solid.

The Purposes

Another difference between beard balm and beard oil is the purpose. Each of them serves a different purpose. Indeed, you should use beard oil for any beard length since it is designed to condition the skin.

However, if you have a bit longer beard, you should use beard balm. It can help to style your beard. The fact is that beard balm acts as a hair pomade.

Reasons to Use Beard Oil

Hydrate your skin and beard

Many people use beard oil because of skin dryness as well as dandruff. Beard oils are free of chemicals and silicon. They are beneficial to your hair and skin. They ensure to give your skin the nutrients.

It means they help your skin heal, as well as hydrate itself. Therefore, you can decrease the amount of beard dandruff. These oils can keep your beard healthier. Therefore, it can also reduce problems going forward.

It is also necessary to water your lawn. This step can help to grow it well. All you need is a few drops per day.

Treat Ingrown Hairs and Pimples

Beard oils contain antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Therefore, you can use them every day if you want to decrease the bacteria on your skin. These oils can be used to reduce pimples and ingrown hairs.

Make your Beard Softer

Your beard can become softer if you apply jojoba oil. It brings excellent effects for the beard hair. After your shower, the hairs become wiry. Therefore, it’s time to apply the oil to your hairs to make it suppler and softer.

Help your Beard Grow

This is the first reason people choose to use beard oil. However, it is not effective if you don’t have a hairy face. Dry skin can lead to unhealthy hair. Therefore, you need to use oil every day to keep your skin at the best.

Reasons to Use Beard Balm

Style your Beard

If you let your beard grow, it may look unruly and crazy. You can brush or comb it if you want. However, not all beard hairs fall into place. Then, it’s time to apply your beard balm.

Sure, you will get a greatly styled beard. The balm comes with the beeswax that will help to style your beard.

Soften your Beard up

The fact is that beard hairs are coarser compared to your hair. You can soften it up by using some beard balm.

Hydrate your Beard

The balm contains Shea butter, Vitamin E, as well as the natural oils. Therefore, it can help to keep your beard hydrated all day.


It should not be a difficult decision to choose between beard balm and beard oil. Both of them are recommended. As mentioned below, each of them gives you great benefits. Beard oil is recommended highly for those who have a thick beard.

It ensures to give them additional moisturizing as well as conditioning. After that, you can use a beard balm to keep your facial hair soft and healthy all day.


What is the best LED & UV Nail Lamp?

Nails are a great part of the body and extremely important to women in particular. If properly decorated and cared for, they can enhance the beauty of your whole appearance. But making nails polish at home is a bit inconvenient, it might take a lot of time to wait for the polish to dry completely, usually, a few hours if let nails dry naturally.

So how to dry nail polish as quickly as possible? There is no better way to use a LED & UV Nail Lamp. This machine can help dry your nail polish within minutes. This article will show you what is the best LED & UV Nail Lamp.

What is the LED & UV Nail Lamp?

Gel nail polish is now popular, sometimes it is the habit of many girls and women. And of course, when you apply gel nails, you will need to use a LED & UV lamp to dry the paint quickly.

With 48W of power combining with the 2-in-1 feature (UV dry and Led Gel), the LED & UV Nail Lamp will certainly help you shorten the time of making nails by 3 times compared to conventional machines.

Moreover, this modern machine possesses Chip Leds lamp design without fear of impact, it brings perfect durability. As having the spacious space about 236 x 195 x 115mm, you can dry nails of 2 hands at the same time without waiting.

The device provides a moderate amount of white light, does not harm the eyes and nails, or darkens the skin while keeping the nail polish pigment intact. The LED & UV Nail Lamp is also Integrated 3 timer modes 15s, 30s, 60s and comes with half-temperature reduction mode to save power.

You are free to adjust the operation mode to fit your needs. Some best LED & UV Nail Lamps are equipped with the smart LCD display makes it easy to control gel drying duration. The machine has an automatic sensor to help the machine operate automatically when we put our hands in.

Best LED & UV Nail Lamp

  • Sun 5 Plus 48W lamp

When asked what is the best LED & UV Nail Lamp, Sun’s products will probably be the most well-known brand. It is a mini lamp made of durable ABS plastic, limiting damage if accidentally struck.

This salon-quality machine also has a compact size: 190x102x235mm so it is convenient and easy-to-use for beginners. With this design rather wide and deep,  users can put in both hands and even both feet at once, so it is super-saving time always.

Moreover, this LED & UV Nail lamp is equipped with the automatic sensor and timer settings buttons on the top, which allows users to adjust the time easily. The simple yet handy design with a clear LCD display makes it quite clear to see the remaining time.

  • Lumcrissy 72W nail lamp

The Lumcrissy  LED & UV Nail Lamp is designed in a rectangular box. The modern design makes an impressive look, different from most other gel drying lamps on the market. Especially, this cordless nail lamp can rechargeable.

This means that you are able to use it everywhere you want, don’t need to be near the power source anymore. And, it can be fully charged just in two hours. Although, it doesn’t look slender as other machines but helps to limit the light in the device from emitting outside.

This machine also becomes rather outstanding when the control buttons are located behind the machine instead of the top. The surface is glossy, so cleaning is very simple, making sure your LED & UV Nail Lamp is always clean.

Thanks to 36 LEDs and a fluorescent lamp, this machine you can make nails dry quickly in just a few minutes. What’s more, it is equipped with a base unit that can hold and diffuse heat. This 72W lamp also possesses a LED display screen that is very convenient when you make nails for other people.

Users are able to freely adjust 4 timer modes including 10s, 30s, 60s, and the low-heat 120s settings. The nail lamp even can turn the last setting automatically in the next use.

  • Deep Dream 48W UV & LED nail lamp

The UV & LED nail lamp of Deep Dream is one of the best gel dryer machines today. The 48w lamp is designed to be able to hold both hands/feet at the same time. This is the nail lamp used by many nail salon owners. The design is simple but luxurious, highlighting the shop owner’s space, brings the feeling “very high-class”.

Like other LED & UV Nail Lamp, it is equipped with 4 modes and a LED screen that helps users watch the time left. Remember that you need to pick up a timer setting mode each time you use this machine, if not it will automatically operate the longest mode.

Some considerations when using a  LED & UV Nail Lamp

To be able to use the nail lamp in a long time but still beautiful, durable, please note down the following tips:

  • Clean the machine after each use. Especially if you open a nail salon, this is extremely important. Do not let guests run away because the device is too dirty. This also helps extend the longevity of this lamp.
  • The way to clean the machine is quite simple, use a small soft brush to wipe the inside of the machine. And outside, use a soft cotton towel to wipe clean. Do not forget to unplug it before cleaning.
  • Do not let water pour inside the machine, avoid placing the device in a wet place, do not put heavy objects on the top
  • If the LED & UV lamp part is broken, it can be replaced. so, you can take it to a reputable nail lamp repair shop to fix it.
  • If unfortunately the power adapter is broken, it cannot be repaired anymore.


The LED & UV Nail Lamp is a must-have tool if you want to get a quick, healthy set of nails. Since then helps attract more visitors to your nail salon. This article has also answered What is the best LED & UV Nail Lamp already. Hope you can choose the right machine for you today.


How to Vacuum Hardwood Floors without Scratching?

If there are hardwood floors in your home, you need to care for your floors in the best way. The fact is that not all vacuum cleaners are equal in a cleaning task. Some models are designed to do a good job of cleaning your floors, but they are not suitable for specific floor types like hardwood.

To clean your hardwood floor, you need a specific type of cleaning. Therefore, you have to go for the best products for hardwood so they don’t damage your floors. In this article, we will let you know how to vacuum your hardwood floors without scratching.

Tips and Tricks for Vacuuming Hardwood Floors without Scratching

It’s is best to clean your hardwood floors with a vacuum cleaner. It’s essential to know how to vacuum your floors without scratching. Be cautious when choosing a vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors.

First, you need to move your large furniture out of your cleaning to prevent them from scratching your floors. Moreover, don’t wear any shoes since they can scratch your floors. Once your furniture becomes clear, it’s time to look for the best tool for the cleaning task.

You should choose a vacuum that performs well for hard-to-reach areas. If you choose an upright model, you may not get the additional attachments to reach corners. Also, they may come with strong brushes that may scratch your floor.

When using an upright model for your hardwood floors, remember to switch off its beater bar first. Well, these features are just for cleaning carpets. You should choose vacuum cleaners with wheels as well as additional padding because these features are safe for your hardwood floors. They also allow you to move your device with ease.

You also need to replace the nozzle to handle corners as well as small areas among floorboards. Avoid using a larger nozzle to clean corners since it can lead to scratches. Most importantly, you need to deal with your floors with care. We recommend you increase the vacuum schedule to twice a week if you have a large house.

Common Mistakes for Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Use Water, Soap, or Vinegar

It’s not a good idea to use water, soap, or vinegar to clean your hardwood floors. You may get water damage or swelling because of water getting into the wood. Hard water may make stains. Moreover, it can also decrease your floor’s life. Besides, you also shouldn’t use vinegar to clean the wood floor since it may damage your floor’s finish over time because it’s an acid.

Use a Carpet Vacuum

When it comes to cleaning hardwood floors, vacuuming is the most effective way. However, it will be terrible if you use a carpet vacuum to handle your hardwood floors. Carpet vacuums are designed with bristles or beater bars for cleaning carpets deeply. These features may damage to your wood floors. Therefore, it’s best to go for a hardwood vacuum.

Use steam cleaners and regular mops

Normally, we use a regular mop to absorb water.However, it can also leave moisture behind your floors. Then, your floors may be damaged by heat from steam cleaners. These methods are not good for a hardwood flooring vacuum.

Don’t Handle Spills Right Now

Sometimes you have to clean a spill when cleaning your floors. You need to clean it right now. Don’t let it on your floors for a long time. Otherwise, you will have to take more effort to clean it. Some certain foods may cause damaging stains. We recommend you to prepare a dedicated cloth to handle accidental spills.

Use Oil or Wax Based Cleaner

Not all regular floor cleaners are safe to use on floors. It’s a mistake if you use wax or oil-based cleaners on your hardwood floors. Indeed, your floors may be damaged by excessive use of oil or wax-based cleaners. As a result, you may also need to use extra buffing.It’s essential to check if the cleaner is safe for your floors before using it on the floors.

Not Enough Cleaning

For hardwood floors, you need to give them frequent care. You need to make a cleaning routine to keep your floors always clean. This is a great way to help you avoid worrying about how to vacuum the hardwood floor properly.


Hardwood floors will require more maintenance. You have to maintain and clean them regularly. However, you need to be careful when cleaning them with a vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, it can leave scratching behind. We’ve given you all you need to keep in mind when vacuuming your hardwood floors. Follow them to take special steps to keep your floors always look their best.

acoustic guitar pedals

What are the best effects of acoustic guitar pedals?

The knowledge of every part of the acoustic guitar will be very helpful when you buy or play the guitar, or in case you need to repair/replace a certain part during use. And of course, a deeper understanding of the guitar will give you more excitement to play the guitar better, take advantage of the pros and avoid the cons.

Let’s read this guide about What are the best effects of acoustic guitar pedals? to understand the use of basic effect pedals, known as the indispensable effects of the acoustic guitar player.

What is acoustic guitar effects?

Effects of acoustic guitar pedals are a device to adjust the sound effects of electric guitars,  bass guitars, and acoustic guitars.

For example, when playing, the player wants to change the sound, create different sounds for an ordinary acoustic guitar.

Types of common Effects of acoustic guitar pedals

There are many ways to classify Effects of acoustic guitar pedals, by function, group or principle of operation. But the fastest and most easily understood way to classify them by function is Multi-Effect Pedal with many effects, and Compact Pedal or Stompbox with fewer effects.

Most of the Multi-Effect uses Digital technology, especially the effects of Digitech. However, many people do not like Digital in music, because the signal at the output of Effect is greatly changed due to the use of digital technology.

Although this helps guitar players to integrate many functions on a pedalboard. Choosing to buy and use an effect pedal is always one of the problems that an acoustic guitar player must learn.

For some new players, choosing between Stompbox Pedal/single effects pedal and Multi-effects pedal sometimes will cause certain difficulties.

So what is the most reasonable choice? We will take a look at some of the advantages and limitations of each type of effect to know what are the best effects pedals for acoustic guitar?

Stompbox Pedal/single effects pedal

Single effects pedal is generally defined as a device with very simple features, usually only from 1 to at most 3 different functions. Structure of Single effects pedal is also often small, has about 1 -3 buttons/pedal (footswitch) to switch functions.

And the most important point of the Stompbox pedal is how to use it. The pedal must be plugged after the guitar and before the amplifier, it means that it must use the same amplifier, not any other device.

* Note: There will be many people who wonder that there are still many people using single effects pedal with Multi-effects pedal. You can learn more about Multi-effects pedal in the later section, but general speaking, Multi-effects pedal is also an amplifier simulator, so Single effects pedal in front of Multi-effects pedal also considered as in front of the amplifier.

  • The main groups of single effects pedal are:
  • Dynamic: includes types such as volume, compressor, this group affects the volume of the guitar signal.
  • Overdrive / Distortion: This is the most important type, it works to “distort” or “break” the guitar sound, so the sound will be louder.
  • FX (effects): effects include types such as delay, reverb, chorus, tremolo.
  • Other types: tuning, line selector, wah, and noise reduction.
  • Pros and cons of single effects pedal:
  • The biggest advantage of single effects pedal is the dedicated characteristic. Every single effect will take on a very specific function in your guitar.
  • The disadvantage of single effects pedal also comes from its advantage, that is, from its specificity. We may need many single effects pedal for many different applications. This causes ambiguity when connecting, is cumbersome when moving and takes great costs.

Multi-effects pedal

Multi-effects pedal often has at least 2 features, its structure is generally much larger than the single effect pedal with many push buttons (footswitch) to change the function. For use, depending on the type of Multi-effects pedal can be used with or without an amplifier.

  • Several types of Multi-effects pedal

– Multi-effect: is a device that integrates many single effects pedals, which is no different from many single effects combined in a fixed order. Therefore, this type must be used with an amplifier.

– Simulations: Simulations are also multi-effect but integrated with amplifier function. Therefore, it facilitates the player can use without an amplifier to record and perform.

  • Pros/cons of Multi-effects pedal

– Its biggest pros are its usability because Multi-effects pedal is integrated many functions into one device.

– However, the cons of the Multi-effects pedal also come from that advantage. Because of that integration, it can sometimes cause problems such as: if you don’t like a function in the keyboard, or a function is broken, you can’t replace it as easily.


That’s all about “What are the best effects of acoustic guitar pedals?”. Hopefully, you will find the most suitable effect pedal for your acoustic guitar. Stay tuned for the next blog post.

Thanks for reading.